About Elaine

As a child I have memories of having unexplainable experiences and the knowledge of things I could not have possibly known.  In my late teens, and upon the traumatic death of my sister, these experiences of heightened awareness began to greatly accelerate.  It wasn’t until later in my life that I decided to embrace these amazing gifts and embark on a path to grow and strengthen my intuitive, psychic, and mediumistic capabilities.  I have been blessed by being able to study in different parts of the world with many world renowned metaphysical teachers. 

I am a psychic intuitive medium who connects with the divine energy to obtain beneficial information for you. My true passion is linking with loved ones who have passed on and communicate their messages to you.  It is my understanding from doing this work that when we go through the experience called death, we are simply shedding our body which is no more than a container for our soul while we are here on earth.  It is also my understanding that even though our body dies we continue to exist, as the energy of our soul never dies!   

Have you ever wondered if your loved ones who have passed over to the other side are still part of your life, loving and supporting you?  Are they continuing to see the events of your life unfold and helping you along your journey?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have confirmation or communication from them letting you know that indeed they are!  It is my experience that all connections made between those who have passed, (whether people or pets), and those who are living exist in the pure energy of love and healing.  Messages from our loved ones can range from an apology which may be needed, advice on current life situations, or a show of undying love.  I strive to always deliver all communications and intuitive information in a caring, loving, and extremely compassionate manner!

Peace and blessings,